CEO CLUB and CEO WORLD partnership

Dear CEO CLUB Members,

We are happy to announce a partnership with CEO WORLD and CEO CLUB which we think is a great opportunity exclusively to our members. CEO WORLD is a global network of business leaders providing non-executive advisory board opportunities to its members –


At this stage of your life, you are already aware of  the challenging CEO life: it is exciting, frustrating, bipolar, lonely, glamourous, burning out…

There are topics that we can’t talk about openly with our board, partners and employees. We need to manage all relationships and take tough decisions!

What about having a peer group of CEOs (who are in the same position facing the same challenges) in order to solve our monthly problems (without conflict of interest)?

And what if they are from different countries (global feedback and network)?

What about if I can meet with them through videoconference (to save time) and be with them in person when I visit their cities (to nurture relationships)?


Done! You get all this as member of CEO WORLD:
  • 2 hours videoconference per month (to keep accountable) with 6 peers from different countries;
  • Opportunity to solve your monthly problems;
  • A Chair who prepares the agenda and  moderates the session;
  • Possibility to meet in person with the members of the whole network when you visit their cities;

Some of our members include CEO at Cisco Porugal, former CEO at Diesel and former CEO at Birla White – Aditya Birla company (one of the largest indian conglomerates).


We become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with. Who do you want to become?
You can watch some videos here: Product. MembersTestemonialsDifferentiationMission.

Let us know if you are interested.